Empower Your Drive with AIRA Emission Tracker

Meet the AIRA Emission Tracker: your smart companion for eco-conscious driving. With precision tracking and real-time emissions data, it's the intelligent way to reduce your carbon footprint and keep your vehicle running efficiently​​

Key Advantages of Aira Emission Tracker

GPS Tracking​​

Pinpoint accuracy for vehicle location with advanced GPS technology​​​

4G LTE Connectivity​

Enjoy uninterrupted data transfer and communication with fast 4G LTE networks​​

Long-Lasting Battery Life​

Trust in the built-in battery to keep tracking even when the engine's off​​​

Emission Insights​​​

Real-time vehicle emission diagnostics ensure you're driving clean​​

OBD-II Compliance​​​​

Effortless compatibility with the standard OBD-II interface for hassle-free use​​​

Audible Alerts​

Stay informed with built-in buzzers for immediate notification of any issues​​​

Features of Emission Tracker

Hardware Features

 Real-Time GPS Tracking ​

 4G/LTE Connectivity ​

 Built-in Battery​

 Vehicle Emission Diagnostics​

 Standard OBD-2 Interface ​

 Built-in Buzzer ​

Application Features

 User-Friendly Mobile and Web Application​

 Real-Time GPS Tracking ​

 Geofence Alerts and Notifications ​

 Data Analytics and Insights ​

 Driving Behavior Analysis ​

 Historical Data and Trends ​

 Carbon Emission Calculation ​

 Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting ​

 Maintenance Alerts and Notifications ​

 Fuel Efficiency ​

 Emission Comparison

 Emission Score

Catering to Diverse Needs: AIRA Emission Tracker Applications​


Drive smarter and cleaner, as AIRA tracks and improves your carbon footprint​​​

Fleet Emission Management​

​Keep your fleet compliant with emission standards and optimize for environmental efficiency​​​

Maintenance Scheduling​

Stay ahead of vehicle care with emission-based maintenance alerts​​​

Compliance Reporting​

Generate reports for regulatory compliance and keep your vehicle within legal emission limits​​​