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Our advanced tool provides real-time performance monitoring, in-depth health reports, and 24/7 tracking for your car or bike.

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Discover the AIRA Edge: OBD Scanning Revolutionized​

Real-Time Vehicle Diagnostics​​

Instantly access comprehensive vehicle health reports, identifying issues before they escalate​​

Emission Status Monitoring​​

Stay environmentally conscious with precise emission data, ensuring your vehicle meets regulatory standards​​

Fuel Efficiency Analysis​​

​Optimize fuel usage with detailed consumption analytics, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency​​

Error Code Interpretation​​

Easily decipher and resolve error codes, reducing downtime and maintenance costs​

Trip Data Recording​

Track and analyze trip data for better route management and driving habits​

Wireless Connectivity​

Seamlessly connect to your smartphone or tablet for diagnostics

OBD Scanner for Cars

Features and Benefits

In-Depth Car Health Report Get a comprehensive report of your car’s health, potential issues and areas of concern.

Real-Time Car Performance Monitoring Keep track of your car’s performance in real-time, fuel efficiency, speed, and engine load.

Advanced Car Code Analysis Decode and understand complex diagnostic codes to know what’s happening under the hood.

Personalized Car Dashboard Tailor your dashboard to show the data that’s most important to you.

Emission Compliance Check Conduct an emission readiness check to ensure your car meets emission standards.

24/7 Car Tracking Monitor your car’s location around the clock.


Universal Compatibility Compatible with all OBD2 / EOBD compliant cars and light trucks

Real-Time Monitoring Live data stream, real-time trouble code lookup, and state emission readiness check.

Advanced Diagnostics Capable of reading advanced codes related to ABS, SRS, Transmission, and more.

Data Logging Records and stores data for offline analysis.

Easy-to-Use Interface User-friendly interface with clear navigation and instructions.

Robust Construction Designed with a rugged body for durability.

About 2

OBD Scanner for Bikes

About 2

Features and Benefits

Detailed Bike Health Report Receive a detailed report of your bike’s health, highlighting potential issues and areas of concern.

Real-Time Bike Performance Monitoring Monitor your bike’s performance in real time, including fuel efficiency, speed, and engine load.

Advanced Bike Code Analysis Analyze and interpret complex diagnostic codes to understand your bike’s performance.

Customizable Bike Dashboard Customize your dashboard to display the data that’s most relevant to your bike.

Emission Readiness Check for Bikes Perform an emission readiness check to ensure your bike is meeting emission standards.

24/7 Bike Tracking Keep track of your bike’s location 24/7.


Bike-Specific Compatibility Designed to work with a wide range of bike models.

Compact and Portable Easy to carry and use on the go.

Rugged Construction Ensuring durability and longevity.

Wireless Connectivity Easy pairing with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

Bike-Specific Code Analysis Bike-specific codes for accurate diagnostics.

Water and Dust Resistance Built to resist the elements

Features of Aira OBD Scanner

 Works with all cars with an OBD-II port​

 Available in multiple languages for ease of use​

 One-Click applications​

 Automatically identify the vehicle from VIN​

 Read / clear trouble codes from all control units

 Read information about the control unit​​

 Share diagnostic data log via email/Whatsapp

 Battery Management service for electric cars​​

 Observe battery status

 Log connected cars history​

 Engine, Equipment, and fault code lookup​

 Advanced control unit information​

 Vehicle information​

 Live data 



 Sub control units information​

 Full scan

Technical Specifications

Receiver 33 tracking /99 acquisition -channel
Tracking sensitivity  -167 dBm​
Accuracy 1.8m
4G bands LTE-TDD B34/B38/B39/B40/B41​
LTE-FDD B1/B3/B5/B8/B7*/B20*
Input voltage rangey 12-24 V DC
Supported Protocols UDS ISO 9141-2/ISO 14230-4/KWP ISO 14230-4/KWP ISO 15765-4/CAN ISO 15765-4/CAN ISO 15765-4/CAN ISO 15765-4/CAN SAE J1939/SAE J1939
Vehicles Supported All Vehicles after 2009 with an OBD port


An OBD scanner, a device that can read out the diagnostic information from a vehicle’s computer via the computer’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) system, is often used. That’s the reason why it is the key instrument of troubleshooting and vehicle maintenance.

To use the OBD2 scanner tool it is enough that you should plug the unit into the OBD2 port located mostly under the dashboard, note your vehicle on and the display on the box will guide you step by step in reading the diagnostic codes.

Yes, the modern OBD scanner is quite different from the original OBD device for cars. OBD represents the initial version of these diagnostic systems fitted in cars pre-1996, whereas OBD2 fuels all the cars manufactured after 1996 and it comes with more capabilities than the former and also is standardized.

The utilization of the Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is the act of plugging the scanner into the OBD2 port and then connecting it to a smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth. After that, you can test-drive an app that would assist in the reading and clearing out of the diagnostic codes.

An OBD2 scanner gives you access to the DTCs, monitors several vehicle parameters and turns the codes on to restore the diagnostic status of the vehicle.

A car scanner tool can be priced at various ranges. They can differ greatly and the prices are 2k to 30k for basic models and lakhs of rupees for models with more features and capabilities.

An OBD scanner for bikes is a relief for bike riders, but it is only applicable to those with OBD2 port types which are more prominent in the newer models. An OBD scanner for bikes brings modern diagnostics to riders, by upgrading maintenance and performance for the latest bike models.

Nowadays the OBD Scanner for all cars and bikes have become a must. The function of the OBD scanner for bikes is usually not that different from an OBD device for cars. The only possible difference is the model of the port and the protocols followed.

No, the OBD2 scanner cannot cause any type of damage to your car when employed properly. It is a non-intrusive car scan tool that scans information through its OBD system to which the whole vehicle’s system is connected.

To find a perfect car scanner tool among many options, pay attention not only to positive reviews but also to device data connection with your vehicle, particular functions and from a well-reputable brand.

A car scanner tool from OBD are not the same thing; they differ based on features, applicability, and functionality. Some screen engines and emissions from exhausts, while other car scan tools are designed to diagnose faults in complex electronic systems.

The OBD car scan tools most likely to work are those that can function on OBD2-compliant vehicles but it’s highly recommended to check compatibility as in the case of the older models or the particular brand.

OBD PID means the ‘Parameter’ ID. OBD PID means a code that will help the vehicle request information such as the engine RPM and the temperature. OBD scanners for all cars must have an OBD PID installed in it.

The Aira Connect OBD scanner for cars is the best car scanner in India. It is ranked top in EV manufacturing for its specially-made features that are particularly for electric vehicles like battery health monitoring, and is regarded as the best product.

For non-EV manufacturers, the Aira Connect OBD Scanner is the best OBD2 scanner because it provides comprehensive diagnostics ranging from forward-looking vehicle applications to various models, thus making it the best car scanner in India.

Versatility Unleashed: AIRA OBD Scanner Across All Vehicles

Personal Vehicles ​​

Maintain your car's health and performance, ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience.​​

Fleet Management​

​Streamline fleet operations with continuous vehicle monitoring, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs.​

Automotive Workshops ​

Provide advanced diagnostic services, elevating your workshop's capabilities and customer satisfaction.​

Used Car Evaluation

Gain valuable insights into a vehicle's history and condition for informed buying or selling decisions.​