Aira Digital Instrument Cluster

Dashboard Redefined

Transform the driving experience with Aira’s Instrument Cluster.​

Precision Meets Innovation With Our Digital Instrument Cluster​

Step into the future of vehicular technology with Aira Instrument Cluster, the dashboard reimagined.

Our sophisticated system offers a seamless blend of design and functionality, with all the essential information at a glance.

With Aira Instrument Cluster, gain access to real-time vehicle analytics, comprehensive performance data, and intuitive navigation aids.

The road ahead is clear with Aira Instrument Cluster—where every detail matters.

Discover AIRA Instrument Cluster: Driving Innovation in Every Detail​

Customizable UI Layout​

Adapt the dashboard to your style with fully customizable UI layouts, unique to each vehicle type​​

Inbuilt IoT Module​

Stay connected with an inbuilt IoT module for seamless data connectivity and smart vehicle management​

Easy Vehicle Integration​​

Effortlessly integrate with any vehicle, ensuring a smooth transition to advanced dashboard technology​​

Real-Time Performance Data​​

Monitor your vehicle's health and performance in real time, with all vital information at your fingertips​

Eco-Driving Indicators for EVs​​​

Optimize your driving with eco-friendly indicators, designed specifically for electric vehicles​​

Enhanced Safety Features​

Drive with confidence, thanks to enhanced safety features and alerts, keeping you informed and secure​​

Digital Instrument Cluster for Cars

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Vehicle Information Access a wide range of data including speed, RPM, fuel level, temperature, and more at a glance.

Customizable Display Personalise the display to prioritize the information most relevant to the driving experience.

Warning Alerts Receive instant alerts for issues such as low fuel, engine overheating, and tyre pressure.

Advanced Diagnostics Gain insights into the car's health with diagnostic indicators for engine, transmission, and other vital systems.

Integrated Navigation Seamlessly navigate the route with built-in GPS functionality.


Universal Compatibility Compatible with most car models, providing essential data for both new and older vehicles.

LCD or TFT Display Clear, high-resolution display for easy readability in all lighting conditions.

User-Friendly Interface Intuitive controls and menu navigation for ease of use while driving.

Durable Construction Robust build quality ensures longevity and reliability on the road.

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OBD Scanner for Bikes

About 2

Features and Benefits

Essential Riding Information Display vital information such as speed, RPM, gear position, and fuel level for a safer and more informed riding experience.

Customisable Layout Tailor the display to show the data most relevant to the riding preferences.

Alert Notifications Receive alerts for issues like low fuel, engine overheating, and maintenance reminders.

Built-in Trip Computer Track mileage, average speed, and other trip-related data for better ride planning.

Compact Design Streamlined and compact design that seamlessly integrates into the bike's dashboard.


Universal Compatibility Designed to work with a variety of motorcycle models, providing essential information for riders of all kinds.

LED or LCD Display Bright, easy-to-read display for visibility in varying lighting conditions.

Intuitive Controls Simple controls for adjusting settings and navigating menus while on the road.

Weatherproof Construction to water and dust for reliable performance in all weather conditions.

Features of Aira Instrument Cluster

 Customizable Dashboard Interface ​

 Real-Time Vehicle Data Display ​

 Integrated IoT Connectivity ​

 Energy-Efficient Operation ​

 Wide-Angle, Anti-Glare Screen

 Modular Expansion Capability

 Seamless EV and Non-EV Integration ​

 Eco-Driving Analytics ​

 Advanced Safety Notifications ​

 High-Definition Touchscreen Panel ​

 Voice Command Functionality

 Over-the-Air Software Updates


An instrument cluster, also known as a car cluster or auto cluster, is a vital component of a vehicle's dashboard. It typically consists of various gauges, dials, and indicators that provide essential information to the driver, such as vehicle speed, engine RPM, fuel level, and warning lights for various vehicle systems.

An auto cluster, also referred to as a car instrument cluster, is a non-digital or a digital instrument cluster for cars. The auto cluster serves as the central display unit in a vehicle's dashboard, presenting crucial information to the driver about the vehicle's performance and status.

Truck GPS trackers, similar to GPS trackers for cars, function by utilising GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of the truck. These trackers are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of commercial trucking operations, offering features such as robust construction, long battery life, and compatibility with fleet management software. Truck GPS tracker is an essential tool for fleet managers to optimise routing, improve driver safety, and enhance operational efficiency.

The instrument cluster controls and displays important information related to the vehicle's operation. It provides data such as speed, engine RPM, fuel level, temperature, odometer reading, and warning indicators for issues like low oil pressure or engine malfunction.

To test an instrument cluster, you can perform a series of diagnostic checks. This involves verifying that each gauge and indicator functions properly, ensuring accurate readings and responsiveness. Additionally, connecting the instrument cluster to diagnostic equipment can help identify any underlying issues or malfunctions.

The primary purpose of the instrument cluster is to provide the driver with essential information about the vehicle's performance and status while driving. It helps the driver monitor key parameters such as speed, fuel level, engine temperature, and warning indicators for potential problems, enhancing safety and convenience on the road.

To reset an instrument cluster, you may need to refer to the vehicle's owner's manual for specific instructions. In some cases, resetting can be done by disconnecting the vehicle's battery for a short period or using diagnostic equipment to clear any stored codes or errors in the instrument cluster's memory.

A fully digital gauge cluster, also known as a digital cluster, which is a modern display unit that replaces traditional analogue gauges with digital screens. A digital instrument cluster presents information in a digital format, offering customisable layouts and interactive features for a more intuitive and advanced driving experience.

An electric vehicle instrument cluster is a type of digital cluster that utilizes electronic components to present vehicle data to the driver. The electric vehicle instrument cluster typically includes digital screens, LED or LCDs, and microprocessors to process and display information such as speed, fuel level, and warning indicators.

A TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) instrument cluster is a type of display technology commonly used in digital instrument clusters. It offers high-resolution graphics and vibrant colours, providing clear and detailed information to the driver. TFT instrument clusters are known for their versatility and ability to display various types of data in a visually appealing manner.

A car instrument cluster, also called a car cluster or auto cluster, is a centralized display unit located on the dashboard. A car cluster presents crucial information to the driver, including speed, RPM, fuel level, temperature, and warning indicators, enhancing overall driving awareness and safety.

Digital instrument clusters offer several advantages over traditional analog gauges, including enhanced customization, sharper graphics, real-time data updates, and integration with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). They also provide a more modern and futuristic look to the vehicle's interior, improving the overall driving experience.

The dashboard refers to the entire panel that spans across the front interior of the vehicle, housing various components such as the instrument cluster, infotainment system, air vents, and controls. The instrument cluster, on the other hand, specifically refers to the display unit within the dashboard that presents information about the vehicle's performance and status to the driver.

A digital instrument cluster for bikes displays essential information like speed, RPM, and fuel level using electronic sensors. A bike instrument cluster also has a digital display screen, providing real-time data for the rider's convenience and safety.

Catering to Diverse Needs: AIRA Instrument Cluster Applications​

Electric Vehicles (EVs)​​​

Navigate the electric era with a dashboard that's as advanced as your EV, enhancing efficiency and control​​

Conventional Fuel Vehicles​

​Upgrade traditional vehicles with a futuristic touch, blending classic motoring with modern tech​​

Fleet Management​​

Streamline your fleet operations with dashboards that deliver crucial data for effective management​​

Luxury Automobiles​

Elevate the luxury experience with a sophisticated, high-tech instrument cluster, redefining elegance​​