Drive Innovation in Automotive IoT with AIRA CONNECT Server Platform

Accelerate your automotive and EV solutions with AIRA CONNECT's cutting-edge IoT server platform. Built for reliability and scalability, our platform is the backbone of your connected vehicle ecosystem, enabling real-time analytics, telematics, and enhanced user experiences

Real-time data processing and analytics

High scalability to manage growing vehicle data

Enhanced security features for data protection

Intuitive dashboard for easy monitoring and control

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Challenges and Solutions

Addressing the complexities of vehicle connectivity and data overload, our IoT server platform offers streamlined data management, robust security protocols, and the ability to scale with the growing demands of the automotive industry.

Value Proposition


Scalable Architecture: Grow your operations without performance trade-offs.


Security and Compliance: Keep data secure and comply with industry standards.


Seamless Integration: Easily integrate with existing automotive systems.


Practical Applications of Our IoT Server Platform

Showcase various use cases such as real-time fleet management, predictive maintenance, and customer-centric infotainment systems, all powered by our server platform.

Tech Stack Section

An overview of the robust and modern tech stack that powers our IoT server platform, including:

Cloud infrastructure services like AWS or Azure for reliable hosting.

MQTT or HTTPs protocols for secure device communication.

Node.js or Python for efficient server-side processing.

Database solutions like PostgreSQL or MongoDB for data storage and retrieval.

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